Ismosys (India)


Offices: India
Regions Served: Asia

ISMOsys India is the latest addition to the highly successful ISMOsys Group Ltd. The purpose and intent of the group is to provide customers and partners access to an array of outsourced solutions ranging from sales representation (REP), tactical marketing, and operations support to complete turnkey design and manufacturing capability.

The focus of the ISMOsys India team is to provide customers in every sector of technology with full ‘design in’ support and pre/post sales to accelerate the development of tomorrow’s products. ISMOsys India is your ideal partner – from design concept through to volume manufacturing.

The India Electronic TAM, ( Total Available Market ) is amongst the fastest growing on a global scale, India is blessed with natural talent and resources which require support and exposure to drive growth in the Electronics industry both domestically and on an international basis. The formation of ISMOsys India in 2018 alongside its sister operations in Europe, allows that exposure and growth to occur through the sharing of resources and expertise that the group has developed over a 26-year period.

ISMOsys India offers customers and partners the full range of services developed by the ISMOsys Group making a positive contribution to those it partners with whether it be Customers, Design Houses, Distributors, and Electronic Component manufacturers. ISMOsys India WILL where others MIGHT.

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