Accessory: ATMIAB

The Atmosic I/O Adapter Board is a connection interface adapter designed for use during product development, debugging, or production. The board supports physical connections between smaller form-factor connectors on Atmosic reference designs and the 20-pin connector found on the Atmosic Interface Board, Production Test Board, or Download Board. Customer hardware that supports one of these smaller form-factor connectors can also use this board with the same functionality.

The I/O adapter board supports the following features

  • Firmware download from serial wire debug (SWD) or J-Link interface to target hardware
  • Debug UART connection
  • 4-wire HCI UART communication to target hardware
  • 2-wire UART communication in Direct Test Mode (DTM)
  • Reset/Powerdown (PWD) and Boot Mode signal breakout

Included in the kit:

  • 1x Atmosic I/O Adapter Board (ATMIAB-01)
  • 1x 20-pin (2x10) 1.25mm pitch flexible flat cable
  • 1x 14-pin (1x14) 0.5mm pitch flexible flat cable
  • 1x 10-pin (2x5) 1.25mm pitch flexible flat cable

Part Number: ATMIAB

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