Download your EVK Extras

Atmosic is working tirelessly to reduce the negative impact batteries create upon the environment. Through alternative product design practices, developers can very easily create IoT devices with much longer battery life and fewer batteries, or, don't use any batteries at all.

New customers or customers without an NDA can use the Support ticket system for additional help <Here> but should register their kits here to receive a direct link for the SDK materials.

Existing customers with an NDA can login to their portal to download the SDK materials.

  • By registering, we will send you a link with additional information that is not available for download directly from our website. Furthermore, your kit will be registered with the technical & sales support team in readiness for any help you made need in developing your project(s).
Please use your corporate email address. Do not use social email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, me, yahoo, etc.
Enter the serial number of your board to ensure we package up the right downloads for you. Click the link below if you need help finding the serial number.

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