With our mission to create the longest battery life solutions for IoT, the Atmosic team has leveraged three technology vectors: Lowest Power Radio, On-demand Wakeup, and Managed Energy Harvesting. Our radio design lowers power to such an extent that we’ve reached a technology inflection point where the power usage is so low that Energy Harvesting is now a viable power source for standards-compliant wireless IoT devices.

The first technology is our Lowest Power Radio implementation of the new Bluetooth 5 wireless platform. Our team’s extensive wireless and low-power experience has enabled Atmosic to achieve radical power performance improvements while maintaining full standards compliance.

To create On-demand Wake-Up, we have implemented two levels of listening, in essence, providing our radios with two sets of ears: one set provides the lowest level of “radio consciousness,” listening in a very slight “conscious” state to perceive incoming transmissions; the other set is a deep sleeper, waking infrequently, only when alerted to incoming signal transmissions by the light sleeping partner.

Atmosic’s Managed Energy Harvesting brings a new level of battery performance, adapting system alertness to the environment. Instead of relying on ambient energy harvesting, which is inherently less predictable, we favor a known energy source that can be controlled to guarantee robust functionality while minimizing the system dependence on battery power.

Webinar on Managed Energy Harvesting

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