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Atmosic brings much more than the average wireless communications chip design company because Atmosic differentiates itself by integrating additional features and capabilities designed to ensure a safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly IoT product solution.

The Atmosic approach to wireless IoT is to reduce customer cost and create an opportunity for new and exciting applications that may not have been a viable option with other wireless solutions on the market.

Energy Harvesting Technology

Free energy sources are everywhere and yet nearly all wireless IoT applications use batteries that are often are bigger and heavier than many developers would like to see in their products. Batteries can lead to substantial costs in the design of a product due to their associated shipping cost and size. Nearly 10 billion batteries are depleted every year which also contributes to a major environmental concern that international governments are looking to have manufactures become responsible for.

Atmosic is the first manufacturer of wireless communications chips that are designed to reduce the dependence on batteries by employing integrated energy harvesting capabilities directly into the wireless SoC.

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Sensor Hub

Not every task needs to use compute power so why would an IoT device need to wake its microcontroller for simple housekeeping actions.

SensorHub technology allows for the autonomous monitoring, storing and transmitting of data while an application processor remains in a sleep state, enabling better energy consumption for sleepy sensors and beacon applications.

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With companies making heavy investments in their connected brands, it becomes more important to protect their complete ecosystem by ensuring connected devices cannot be hacked by those with malicious intent.

Atmosic implements numerous security technologies to help protect a developer's brand and ensure their products meet the ever-growing regulation being introduced.

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One key reason for the incredible success of Bluetooth® technology is the tremendous flexibility it provides developers. Atmosic offers Bluetooth technology with a versatile set of full-stack, fit-for-purpose solutions to meet the ever-expanding needs for wireless connectivity.

Whether a product transfers data between a tablet and medical device, or sends messages between thousands of nodes in a building automation solution, the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is designed to meet the unique need of developers worldwide.

Note: The Bluetooth specification maintains a maximum power output allowable, however devices may not exceed the maximum allowed transmit power levels set by the regulatory bodies that have jurisdiction over the territories in which the device is to be sold or intended to operate.

On-Demand Wakeup

In several applications, an IoT device may spend most of its life in a sleep state, but an action initiated by the cloud may require the node to be available to respond to the cloud request.

A common solution to this is to wake up on a schedule known by both the cloud and the device, but this solution burns unnecessary power if the cloud doesn’t need the nodes attention.

Atmosic’s OnDemand Wakeup technology allows the node to be remotely woken from its slumber.

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Power Management

An active IoT device needs power, but the source of that power can be dynamically controlled by the Atmosic’s power manager.

The power manager system will provide power to the SoC radio and MCU from the most energy-efficient source, energy harvesting first, and then seamlessly moving to alternative sources such as batteries as needed.

If the SoC doesn’t need power, the power management system can use harvested energy to charge batteries based on a variety of chemistries.

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Arm Technology

The Cortex-M33F is an ideal blend of real-time determinism, efficiency, and security. It is for this reason Atmosic has selected the new Arm Cortex-M33F over alternative cores to power its IoT wireless solutions.

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