Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in Atmosic and welcome to our Media Center. Here you'll find out latest news and a Media Kit to help you get to know Atmosic and create content related to our company, technology and products. For media inquiries, please contact

Atmosic corporate logo in color (jpeg)
Atmosic corporate logo in black (jpeg)
"Forever Battery Life" diagram (jpeg)
"Atmosic Bluetooth 5 Ultra Low-Power Single Chip Design" block diagram (jpeg)
Close-up of Atmosic chip on finger (jpeg)
Atmosic 5x5 QFN and 6x6 DRQFN chips (jpeg)
David Su, Ph.D., CEO, Atmosic Technologies (jpeg)
Masoud Zargari, Ph.D., VP, Engineering, Atmosic Technologies (jpeg)
David Nakahira, VP, Systems Engineering, Atmosic Technologies (jpeg)
Srinivas Pattamatta, VP, Business Development, Atmosic Technologies (jpeg)
Manolis Terrovitis, Ph.D., VP, Technology, Atmosic Technologies (jpeg)
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