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Many wireless applications transmit relatively small amounts of data and require little bandwidth but also require low power consumption to maximize battery life.  Standards-based, wireless technologies meet these requirements and thrive in products like beacons, remote controls, keyboards, mice, asset trackers, and fitness wearables, just to name a few.

Atmosic’s products build upon standards-based wireless technology, such as Bluetooth® 5, and can substantially reduce power consumption when compared with alternative solutions. Our optimized radio design and patented technologies benefit both users and the environment.

Atmosic has added enhancements such as On-demand Wake-up and Managed Energy Harvesting to enable developers to create products with batteries that ‘last forever’ or even be battery-free.

Atmosic offers an array of reference designs to help our customers easily transition product concepts into market-leading solutions.

Product Families

ATM2 Series

The Atmosic ATM2 Series solutions are Bluetooth® 5 standard-compliant and enhanced with our Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Wake Up technologies to provide superior lower power consumption in comparison with other Bluetooth products.

The ATM2 series is suitable for a broad array of applications such as wearables, personal and asset trackers, beacons, remote controls, keyboards, and mice. The ATM2 Series is available in an array of different memory and package configurations to fit specific application needs.

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ATM3 Series

With a similar architecture to the ATM2, the Atmosic ATM3 Series adds the management of energy harvesting, energy storage, and power distribution to further extend battery life or enable battery free-operation for many applications.

The ATM3 can harvest RF energy directly with an on-chip RF harvester or utilize external energy from photovoltaic, thermal, or mechanical/kinetic harvesting sources.

Like the ATM2, the ATM3 is available in an array of different memory and package configurations to fit specific application needs.

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ATM33 Series

The ATM33 series is our latest generation architecture that offers higher performance to support the most demanding applications.  With feature enhancements like a 64-MHz ARM® Cortex®-M33, +10dBm RF transmit power, and AES-256 encryption and ARM® TrustZone® enabled security features, the ATM33 can support the next generation of IoT device solutions.

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Product Families


If you are looking for modules based on Atmosic SoCs, a growing number of Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) have brought their own value-add to our products through certifications, software, and other highly sort after features. If you are looking for a module solution please visit out module partners

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The Atmosic team, having pioneered CMOS RF design for the past few decades, has a unique perspective and expertise in low-power wireless design. Atmosic products are designed to address the challenge of reducing both the power consumption in wireless devices and the enormous waste created through the disposal of depleted batteries.

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