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Introducing the ATM33 Series

Introducing the ATM33 Series

64MHz ARM Cortex M33, featuring the latest Bluetooth® 5.3 with an autonomous sensor hub and an improved energy harvesting power management unit, the ATM33 is the best choice for your low-power Bluetooth LE designs.

Linptech Switch Product

Linptech builds greener smart home products using Atmosic’s award-winning solutions

“With Atmosic’s ATM2 Bluetooth solutions, the power consumption of Linptech’s self-powered products is reduced by 30%. Additionally, the battery life in our battery-based remote controls has increased 4X. Along with its power savings benefits, ATM2 is very cost-effective and has reduced our time-to-market, making it ideal for our smart home products”
— Jiao Yun, Member of the Board and Marketing Director - Linptech

Energous Wireless Power Transfer Solution
Energous and Atmosic Announce Availability of Wirelessly Powered Sensor Evaluation Kit

“Without reliable power, IoT devices in any application are significantly limited in their capabilities and value, and the billions of replaceable batteries and charging wires powering most of today’s internet-connected devices fail to meet their growing power requirements”
— Cesar Johnston, CEO Energous

Energous and Atmosic Announce Evaluation Kit Supporting Over-the-Air Wireless Power Transfer Solutions
Atmosic partners with Primax to bring Ultra-Low Power Connectivity Solutions to Human Interface Devices
Atmosic partners with Primax to bring Ultra-Low Power Connectivity Solutions to Human Interface Devices

“Atmosic’s extremely low power solutions, combined with its unique energy harvesting technology, will help reduce or eliminate the use of batteries for many of our HID devices”
— Gril Tsai, Primax

Atmosic and Universal Electronics Bring Energy Harvesting to Home Entertainment Controls.
Atmosic and Universal Electronics Enable
Energy Harvesting in Home Entertainment Controls.

“Our collaboration with Atmosic on current and next generation solutions will delight our customers with groundbreaking new experiences on the most energy efficient entertainment and smart home platforms”
— Arsham Hatambeiki, UEI

Atmosic Technologies’ ATM3 SoC CES Best of Innovation Honoree
Atmosic Technologies’ ATM3 SoC
Consumer Electronics Show - Best of Innovation Honoree

Atmosic’s innovative ATM3 battery-free Bluetooth 5 SoC recognized by the Consumer Technology Association for its groundbreaking ultra-low-power technologies

Looking forward for the next 5 years at Atmosic Technologies
Looking forward for the next 5 years at Atmosic Technologies

Since our conception in 2016, Atmosic is committed to reducing the battery dependency of Internet of Things (IoT) devices through energy harvesting and low power solutions. Our corporate charter is grounded on our commitment to dramatically lower power consumption associated with maintaining the growing IoT in many industries including Personal, Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial, Enterprise …

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Atmosic and Globalscale Technologies Ultra-low power energy model extends battery life for edge-of-network connected IOT devices
Globalscale Technologies introduces an Ultra-low-power module based on the ATM2202 for extended battery life in edge-of-network connected IoT devices.

“An exciting milestone for the IoT industry, offering ultra-low power consumption in a super compact design.”
— Bryan Cheng, GlobalScale Technologies.


July 14, 2022 by Sudhakar Gundubogula – How Atmosic’s SDK Accelerates the Design Process

Atmosic in the News

August 16, 2022 (IoT4All) – How Energy Harvesting Will Make Smart Cities Even More Efficient

Press Releases

June 29, 2022 – Energous and Atmosic Announce Availability of Wirelessly Powered Sensor Evaluation Kit

Innovative Solutions for the Existing Mass Market


With the growing demand for our technologies to reduce or eliminate battery dependence coming from an increasingly wide variety of mass-market IoT product segments-wearables, remotes, beacons, sensors, keyboards, and more-our Atmosic Open Development Platform is designed to support a broad array of developers having different product development and deployment requirements. The Atmosic Open Development Platform was designed to make Atmosic connectivity easy to use, easy to program, and easy to integrate into the cloud-whether the cloud is the internet or local cloud network.

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Atmosic's innovative Lowest-Power Wireless Technologies are designed to aggressively reduce connected device power consumption to enable battery-free or extended battery life to address the expanding opportunities of connected IoT devices. We have attacked this challenge from two fronts. First, we're lowering power consumption with Atmosic's combined Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Receive wireless technologies, to achieve the industry's lowest power consumption for a low-energy Bluetooth® solution. And, we've further reduced consumption of battery power with our Energy Harvesting technology, enabling devices to source power from ambient sources, such as photovoltaic (indoor and outdoor light), radio frequency, thermal, and kinetic power.

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Atmosic aims to provide IoT devices with battery free features, thereby vastly improving the maintenance of IoT deployments. That means we're focused on everything from Personal to Smart City IoT applications, including Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial Automation, and Enterprise.


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While Atmosic is wireless agnostic, our current portfolio product offerings are based on the Bluetooth® 5 industry standard, which offers Wi-Fi-like range, twice the speed and eight-times the throughput from the prior generation Bluetooth implementation. Atmosic's Bluetooth 5-based products, enhanced with our Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Wake-Up features, achieve up to 100x lower power than standard Bluetooth 5 solutions. And, the addition of our Controlled Energy Harvesting extends battery life or, for some applications, enables battery-free design.  Our design and engineering capabilities in building ultra-low power radios and energy harvesting functionality are applicable to a range of wireless technologies, so stay tuned.

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