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Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag2 is a great examples of how beacon technology can be used in consumer applications. The Galaxy SmartTag2 was announced, by Samsung, at its prestegious Samsung Developer Conference in 2023 in the city of San Francisco, California.

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The SmartTag2 uses Atmosic's ATM33 solution to realize up to three times better battery life compared with that of the previous generation Galaxy SmartTag.

  • 43% Lower power consumption with ATM3325
  • SmartTag+ (The original SmartTag):
    • Up to 0.5 years
  • SmartTag2 (Uses ATM3325):
    • Up to 1.3 years or 1.9 years with Power Save Mode

This extension in battery life benefits consumers by reducing the cost, hassle, and environmental impact associated with changing batteries.

In addition, Samsung announced at SDC23 that developers can leverage the low power consumption of the ATM33 in devices designed for Samsung’s SmartThings Find Service.  With SmartThings Find, 3rd party devices can leverage the larger SmartThings ecosystem to provide location based services to find your Atmosic based solutions through any Galaxy phone, tablet, or watch.


Short Video focusing on Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag2 and the ATM33
Full video including Samsung Find Service


The beacon application is one of the many examples provided in the Atmosic software development kit (SDK), with options to support standard battery or energy harvesting operation. 

The SDK enables customers to develop and customize their products across the different Atmosic SoC platforms. 

Contact Atmosic for access to our SDK.


Please visit the ATM product pages to learn more about the SoC and evaluation kits that are available to start developing today.

In addition, complete reference design packages for battery-operated and energy harvesting beacons are available through our customer portal.

Contact Atmosic for more information about accessing our reference designs and documentation.

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