Since our conception in 2016, Atmosic is committed to reducing the battery dependency of Internet of Things (IoT) devices through energy harvesting and low power solutions. Our corporate charter is grounded on our commitment to dramatically lower power consumption associated with maintaining the growing IoT in many industries including Personal, Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial, Enterprise and Smart Cities. Additionally, Atmosic aims to reduce the ecological impact of IoT devices and connection has on the planet by helping to mitigate battery waste.

Looking forward to the next five years, we’re prepared to drive our vision to reduce dependency on batteries – especially in sensors, hubs, remotes and tracking devices. The IoT has revolutionized a number of industries, opening up new avenues for innovation and economic growth. However, this new era of connectivity has also created a serious battery problem. Billions of batteries are getting thrown out each year, contaminating landfills around the world. As technology advances and leads to new innovation, the number of connected devices will only continue to grow. In fact, IDC predicts that by 2025 there will be 55.7 billion connected devices worldwide.

It’s clear that the trajectory at which our global battery consumption is heading is not sustainable. A recent report predicts that the global battery market for the IoT will grow from $9.2 billion to $15.9 billion in 2025. To combat the costs and environmental waste associated with batteries, connected devices with ultra-low power consumption are a must. Atmosic is well-prepared to address this need for low power solutions, and will continue to create new solutions to reduce the environmental impact of batteries and decrease the cost of battery maintenance, thereby benefitting the planet, consumers and the ever evolving IoT industry. As it currently stands, Atmosic’s solutions help support wireless devices using Bluetooth, in order to expand our reach, Atmosic will also expend its support to other wireless standards beyond Bluetooth. This is our promise to you.

Moving forward, Atmosic plans to expand not only our wireless solutions, but our product lineup as well. We will continue to expand our portfolio with innovative new products. This expansion will allow Atmosic to increase our footprint in markets such as asset tracking, industrial sensors, advanced consumer and security applications. Continue to follow us for new product announcements as we build our portfolio !! We see great potential for the implementation of our energy harvesting and battery-free solutions in these markets that we’re committed to put into action during the next five years. As more and more consumer technology companies are starting to create products with increased sustainability in mind, this opens more opportunities for the implementation of our battery-free and low power connectivity solutions.

Looking ahead, the company is laser-focused on driving the battery-free IoT revolution with the Atmosic lowest-power Bluetooth and controlled energy harvesting technologies. Our ATM2 and ATM3 solutions enable extended battery life and battery-free operation for IoT devices used for a wide variety of applications. Our future is bright and battery free! Here’s to another five years of expansion, innovation and success.

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