By Tim O’Malley, AVP of the US Regional Business Unit, E Ink

 As more businesses open up again, it’s a good time to consider which solutions can help make this transition a smooth one. From virtual learning to the emerging digital workplace, the past year has highlighted the benefits of connectivity and innovation more than ever. In a constantly evolving world, we need solutions as up to date as we are.

At E Ink, we’re using our low-power electronic ink technology to drive the implementation of digital eBadges. We partnered with Atmosic to create digital eBadges that make identification seamless across industries. Whether it’s a conference or a regular day at the office, this solution combined with the VisiTrac system (more on that later!) will track and store all pertinent visitor data. With these portable and energy-efficient devices, we can minimize waste, stay updated on visitor status and information, and streamline the overall check-in experience.

Resource Management
Have you ever used an ID badge to access a building or created a new badge every day when visiting a healthcare facility? With digital eBadges, businesses can eliminate these issues and minimize waste with reusable identification. Rather than throwing away a one-use ID, employees can place eBadges in a convenient docking station to charge when visitors leave. The devices are also tamper-proof, maintaining the security of the personal information stored within the badge. These eBadges feature a 2.9 or 3.7-inch black and white E Ink display or 4.1-inch E Ink Gallery Palette™ color display. Thanks to Atmosic’s ultra-low power wireless connectivity solution, digital eBadges run on ten times less power than the lowest power Bluetooth-enabled products on the market today. These smart eBadges can also provide visual updates including a photo, location information, alert messages, and text messages. Most exciting of all, because these devices use energy harvesting, they have a virtually unlimited battery life.

Digital Check In
To help companies capitalize on digital eBadges, E Ink is leveraging the VisiTrac system to help companies track visitor activity with the VisiTrac-Tag. VisiTrac provides an electronic log that can be used by security officers and supervisors to capture visitor occurrences electronically. With a Bluetooth connection, a digital eBadge, and a mobile device, administrative staff can seamlessly check in visitors while virtually managing their information. The VisiTrac-Tag works by programming its contents using a USB or Bluetooth connection from a PC or mobile phone hosting the VisiTrac-TMS app; the app then pulls data from a cloud-based server using APIs and programs the ID tag specifically for the user. The app also allows administrative staff to capture a photo of the visitor, syncing the data to create the tag for a new or temporary visitor. Lastly, visitors can rest easy knowing that their privacy is protected – the tag automatically deactivates after the programmed time limit is up.
As businesses grapple with the new reality of hybrid work environments and other changes, it gives us all an opportunity to consider what we can improve in the new normal. By leveraging electrophoretic ink technology and low-power Bluetooth technology, we’ve created a solution with Atmosic which streamlines the visitor experience while lightening the workload of administrators. While the display space is constantly evolving, we’re proud of the work we’ve done with Atmosic to make daily life just a little bit easier.

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