Contact Tracing

Contract Tracing

Contact Tracing has become an everyday term during COVID-19 and Atmosic SoCs lower power consumption makes it a great solution for wearable form factor products such as wristbands or pendants.

Contact Tracing using wireless technologies such as Bluetooth LE is really quite simple.

Each device sends advertisements, performs scans, records scan results into memory, and initiates a connectable advertisement to connect with a mobile application. When a connection is made, the mobile application can then retrieve the beacon log record using Bluetooth GATT services. Parameters such as the advertising interval, scan duration, and scan period can be configured using the GATT service interface.


The Contact Tracing application is one of the many examples provided in the Atmosic software development kit (SDK).

The SDK enables developers to create and customize their product across the different Atmosic SoC platforms.

Contact Atmosic for access to our SDK.


Please visit the ATM product pages to learn more about the Atmosic SoCs and evaluation kits that are available to start developing today.

In addition, a complete contact tracing reference design packages is  available through our customer portal.

Contact Atmosic for more information about accessing our reference designs and documentation.

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