Nick Dutton, Senior Director for Product Marketing at Atmosic, joins Ryan Chacon on the IoT For All Podcast to discuss low-power IoT. They talk about the benefits of low-power IoT like reducing battery waste, how IoT companies can be more sustainable, what low-power means for IoT adoption, where low-power technology will go in the future, and how companies can compete in IoT.

Nick Dutton is Senior Director for Product Marketing at Atmosic. Nick has held senior leadership roles at Silicon Valley technology companies including Zentri and Integration Associates where he led the successful acquisition by Silicon Labs. He has also held roles at Roving Networks, which was acquired by Microchip Technology in 2012.

Nick’s vision at Atmosic is to drive a new wave of sustainable innovation in the IoT sector. He works closely with his team, Atmosic’s customers, and their partners to highlight the environmental and business benefits of reducing a device’s dependency on batteries, and therefore ultimately reducing harmful battery waste caused by connected products.

Atmosic is a startup with the mission of reducing battery waste caused by the Internet of Things. The company has developed extremely low-power wireless solutions that eliminate the need for battery replacement in IoT devices and, in some cases, eliminate the need for batteries entirely.

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Key Questions and Topics from this Episode:
(00:00) Intro to the IoT For All Podcast
(00:11) Introduction to Nick Dutton and Atmosic
(01:05) What are the benefits of low power?
(02:59) How can IoT companies be more sustainable?
(07:50) What low power means for IoT adoption
(10:28) Where will low-power IoT go in the future?
(14:38) Sustainability in IoT
(16:48) Competing in the IoT industry
(20:14) Learn more and follow up

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