Remote Controls

Remote Controls

Remote controls. We all have them, and whether they are for the TV, audio systems, air conditioners, or toys we all know the pain we experience when we pick them up and find the batteries are dead or have leaked.

With Atmosic’s extremely low power consumption SoC solutions now your remote control can last 5 times longer when compared with other Bluetooth LE solutions on the market today.

In addition, Atmosic offers the option to take advantage of our integrated energy harvesting and power management to bring battery-free operation to the modern remote control.

Combining with Atmosic’s low power consumption with energy harvesting enables smaller photovoltaic cells and energy storage elements to create a remote control solution that is always ready when you pick it up to watch your favorite movie.


The remote control application is one of the many examples provided in the Atmosic software development kit (SDK), with options to support standard battery or energy harvesting operation.

The SDK enables customers to develop and customize their product across the different Atmosic SoC platforms.

Contact Atmosic for access to our SDK.


Please visit the ATM product pages to learn more about the Atmosic SoCs and evaluation kits that are available to start developing today.

In addition, complete reference design packages for battery operated and energy harvesting remote controls are available through our customer portal.

Contact Atmosic for more information about accessing our reference designs and documentation.


Atmosic's battery-free remote control reference design

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