At Atmosic, we’re committed to spreading the word about our low-power connectivity solutions, and showcasing how our technology improves sustainability in the IoT by reducing the battery dependence of connected devices. We’ve compiled a sample of our recent coverage and award highlights, underscoring our drive to achieve this goal. Take a look below!

Startups with Sanaz

This past Earth Day, David Su joined Sanaz Tahernia on San Francisco-based KRON4’s segment, Startups with Sanaz. The feature focused on how our technology improves sustainability in the IoT. During the live interview, the pair also discussed the state of energy harvesting products today and the potential for what kind of connected devices can be powered by energy harvesting in the future.

The Digital Executive Podcast

David Su also appeared as a guest on Coruzant’s Digital Executive podcast to discuss how Atmosic is reducing battery waste through energy harvesting technology. During the episode, David addresses the different forms of energy – light, motion and RF – can create a solution that has the ability to not only supplement the battery of a device, but can allow the device to run completely battery-free.

How Energy Harvesting is Enabling New Possibilities for Medical Wearable Devices

Srinivas Pattamatta contributed an article to Embedded Computing Design exploring how energy harvesting technology can be especially helpful for wearables in the healthcare industry. In the article, Srinivas highlights that by extending the battery life of medical wearable devices, both patients and practitioners can use vital connected applications more efficiently without worrying about missing critical information due to a dead battery.

How Low-Power Technology And Energy Harvesting Can Achieve A Battery-Free IoT

Additionally, David Su authored an article to Retail IT Insights sharing his perspective of how low power connectivity paired with energy harvesting can help achieve a battery-free IoT. He explores how the different popular methods of energy harvesting paired with low power radio and on-demand wake-up technologies can usher in a new era of connected devices with batteries that never need to be replaced.

Going Green with IoT

Perhaps most importantly, we’re excited to share that our low-power connectivity solutions won second place in the Most Efficient IoT Solution category of the Green, Lean, Machine2Machine contest. This award recognizes products or services that enable operational efficiency and improved energy consumption.

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