1       Purpose

This release note provides details on new features/fixes/known issues as part of the Atmosic Software Development Kit (SDK).  This Atmosic SDK Beta supports Evaluation Kit (EVK) platform based on following devices:

  • ATM33 Devices: ATM3330e-2xxxxxx, ATM3330-2xxxxxx
Related documentation:
  • EVK User Guide for ATM3330e
  • ATM3330e-2xxxxxx Hardware Release Notes
  • Register specification for ATM3330e/ATM3330-2xxxxxx
  • Application Note: Digital Biquad Filter with Software Implementation For ATM3330e/ATM3330


Additional references for developing applications using third part IDE Software

  • IAR Workbench User Guide for ATM3330e/ATM3330
  • Keil MDK Configuration Guide for ATM3330e/ATM3330

2     New Features / Functionality

2.1    SDK and Application Version

SDK version and application versions are now displayed as part of boot up messages

@3f890e61 SDK Version:
@3f890ec9 APP Version:

  • SDK version is located in h folder in <ROOT>/atmosic_sdk
  • App version can be specified using APP_VERSION define during make.

2.2    Support for ATM3330e/ATM3330 Devices

This release enables support for ATM3330e/ATM3330 devices.

3     Major Changes / Bug Fixes

Major changes and bug fixes in SDK Beta include:

  • Added support for Keil MDK
  • Added support for IAR Workbench v9.x
  • Support for multiple simultaneous connections. Please refer to the BLE_att_client and BLE_atts_server examples for implementation and integration into applications.
  • Programmable Filters/Equalizers, Bi-quad support for PTT PV Remotes
  • SDK 5.0 Alpha release is no longer supported

4     SDK Platform Working Directory

Following is a list of all Atmosic SDK platform working directories, please use the below directories for the Beta release.

  • For ATM3330 devices use the directory  platform/atm23/ATM23xx-x1x
  • For ATM3330e devices use the directory  platform/atm33/ATM33xx-x1x

4.1 Reference Examples and Applications

The reference examples and applications supported with this release are:

  • BLE_adv
  • BLE_scan
  • vkey_test
  • pm_demo
  • HCI
  • BLE_att_client
  • BLE_att_server
  • HID_Remote

5     Tx Power Settings

TX output power settings default to 0 dBm to 4 dBM for the supported examples and applications listed in the Reference Examples and Applications section. To enable Tx output power higher than 4 dBm, please contact Atmosic FAE for additional details.

6     Limitations & Known Issues

Following limitations and known issues  apply to this release for ATM3330e/ATM3330 devices.

Issue make pull_core in Openocd is not supported in this release
Impact May limit some debug options
Resolution To be fixed in next release
Issue README in examples directory refers to non-existent ROM beacon functionality
Impact None
Resolution README will be updated in next release
Issue Need to program bootloader under example folder once with the  new SDK version before using IAR workbench.
Impact Application FW does not work if it is not a programming bootloader.
Resolution To be fixed in next release
Issue BLE_att_server example can be connected by BLE_att_client example. It works well if all those examples are using ATM3330 devices. The button event will not work if using an ATM2/ATM3 device as BLE_att_server.
Impact The button event may not work and may disconnect the link.
Resolution ATM2/ATM3 SDK WAR/upgrade can fix this issue.
Issue BLE_scan will reboot periodically.
Impact Minor. This example only prints scanned devices onto the console. After rebooting, the console will still show the scanned device.
Resolution To be fixed in the next release.
Issue Pinmux tool GUI shows ATM2/ATM3 device pin mapping
Impact Moderate.
Resolution A separate Pinmux tool update file is provided that supports ATM33 devices.

Please contact Atmosic FAE for details




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