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Our editors are on the ground at embedded world 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany, reporting on the latest updates at the global platform where the embedded community comes together to discuss all things embedded—including embedded system technologies, distributed intelligence and internet of things.

In today’s wrap up, Nitin Dahad, Anne-Françoise Pelé and Sally Ward-Foxton discuss day 1 of embedded world 2023. Key topics of discussion include edge AI, software tools and voice authentication.  Sally talked to companies like Renesas, who showed AI running on the Cortex-M85 for the first time. Anne-Francoise comments on her discussion with the MIPI Alliance on the need to integrate more and more sensors, lidar and fast and more efficient networks.

Nitin talks about his conversations with Qualcomm on their new 5G integrated IoT processors and SOMs (systems on module), as well as some of the trends like edge AI, vision, and robotics. He also references his meetings with Green Hills Software and LDRA on tools and analysis for safety critical and mission critical applications in areas like automotive and aerospace and defense.

Sally also highlights trends in TinyML, especially how companies are striving to squeeze a much as possible from resource-constrained environments. In this respect, Nitin also talks about companies like My Voice AI, a startup that has developed a solution for speaker enrolment and authentication for access control applications. He also talked to RF energy harvesting company Atmosic and how the firm is evolving to target energy harvesting in IoT applications.

Finally, Anne-Francoise talks about the trend that’s seeing companies move from hardware centric to software centric architectures, and her conversation with the Eclipse Foundation, and the call for more open source architectures.

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