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Ambient’s endless power technology eliminates the hassle, expense, and environmental cost of battery replacement by harvesting low light, making Ambient cells ideal for powering the next generation of smart homes, consumer electronics, and IoT devices.

Highest Power Density

Ambient low-light photovoltaic cells deliver the highest performance available on the market. Compared to conventional amorphous silicon solar cells, Ambient photovoltaic cells produce 300% more energy at typical low light levels and up to 400% more energy at very low light levels.

Optimized for All Light Sources
Ambient’s thin and lightweight dye-sensitized PV cells deliver consistent power across all types of illumination sources including LED, fluorescent, incandescent, and diffuse natural light.

Monolithic Single Cell Architecture

Ambient’s single-cell approach delivers pleasing aesthetics and easy scalability — unlike conventional amorphous silicon cells or nascent organic PV cells. Conventional indoor PV technology uses multi-cell modules which cut power output to zero if just one of the cells is shaded. Ambient’s single-cell designs are exceptionally shade tolerant, maximizing energy delivery under real-world conditions. The single cell approach also enables Ambient to deliver a range of form factors, with cells that can be made in arbitrary rectangular sizes to fit any device and satisfy virtually any power requirement.

Superior Sustainability

Recognizing the need to lessen environmental hazards and lower carbon footprints, many manufacturers have focused on device lifetime extension and power requirement reductions. These strategies serve to cut down the number of batteries consumers will require to maintain desired functionality. Ambient’s low-light PV cells do more to help manufacturers achieve electronic device sustainability goals than any other technology on the market. In addition, in keeping with our green chemistry DNA, Ambient’s manufacturing processes and proprietary chemistry avoid toxins and waste.

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