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Printed organic indoor solar cells from Epishine are here to revolutionize electronics.
Making electronics self-powered with available indoor light has never been easier. Solar cells from Epishine have market-leading high, reliable performance and with their thin and flexible design, they can be integrated into low-power electronics easier than ever before.

Power Conversion Efficiency

Epishine’s indoor solar cells are optimized to convert ambient indoor light into power. The cells’ high energy conversion efficiency in low and varying light conditions makes them an ideal choice for powering indoor electronics.


Indoor solar cells from Epishine are IoT-proven in several customer applications. Light power enables the elimination of disposable batteries in IoT, which lowers maintenance costs and helps reduce the negative impact disposable batteries have on the environment. The result, is a more sustainable IoT and a lower total cost of ownership.

For example, Elsys ERS Eco and ERS Eco CO2 products are self-powered through indoor light and made from biodegradable materials, combining a sustainable powering method with conscious design choices.

Epishine’s product integration team provides expertise and support throughout the process of integrating indoor solar cells with customers’ products


Epishine produces OPV solar cells in an innovative roll-to-roll manufacturing process that also uses processes that are resource efficient and easily scalable.

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