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Offices: Japan
Regions Served: Asia | Europe

Electronics division

Our team offers a fast and flexible response that addresses customer delivery and specification requirements for semiconductors and devices. The electronics industry is advancing on a daily basis and even as customer requirements for semiconductors and electronic devices grow ever more sophisticated, the demand for shorter development turnaround is becoming increasingly urgent. To respond to these needs, our electronics business offers comprehensive solutions, providing not only semiconductors and devices tailored to customer needs but also technical expertise and consulting.

FA division

We provide the products and expertise customers need to achieve high-value-added FA systems. We propose high-value-added factory automation (FA) systems that provide customers with solutions for the production floor and improve QCD. We offer a lineup that only official Mitsubishi Electric dealers may provide, from FA controllers and various drive units to numerically controlled (NC) production equipment, robots, and processing machines. We can also respond to a wide range of customers’ production site needs.

Cooling & Heating Systems division

Creating Air, Water, and Customer Satisfaction for a New Future. We are proud to create the comfortable, climate-controlled environments that customers need.
Our Industrial cooling and heating systems support building climate control, clean-room operation, and energy-saving performance.

Building Systems division

Supporting safe and comfortable building environments in the Age of IoT. We support safe and comfortable building environments in a host of ways. In addition to supplying a  full range of elevators, escalators, and other building equipment and devices, we propose total building management systems, from the latest security systems to remote monitoring systems. We construct building environments with a focus on the age of IoT, now beginning in earnest.

Network Systems division

Total provision of ICT environments at the core of your business. We propose multi-vendor solutions incorporating products and systems optimized for your needs, from servers and related hardware to network devices. Our diverse, state-of-the-art ICT solutions range from security solutions, such as monitoring cameras and entry/exit management systems, to imaging and video solutions and RFID solutions.

Healthcare division

Toward a society that can receive healthcare with confidence amid rapid advances in medical technology. In healthcare operations, Ryoden provides a wide palette of solutions, from image data management to operational support systems. These solutions enable healthcare facilities to deploy image-diagnostic medical devices that support diagnosis with 3D rendering and AI, in a stable and consistent manner. We also provide employee health management systems for general companies, supporting preventive medicine and the promotion of health management among enterprises.

Smart Agriculture division

Providing next-generation plant factory systems with high operating efficiency. Marshalling its expertise in its core operations of FA systems, cooling and heating, and electronic devices, Ryoden has worked on the development and installation of numerous plant factory systems. By developing and commercializing next-generation plant factory systems with high operating efficiency, Ryoden contributes to sustainable food and agriculture.

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