Atmosic’s ATM33 SoC Wins Prestigious Elektra Award for IoT Innovation


 With its ultra-low power design, the ATM33 is ushering in a new era of sustainability in the IoT


Campbell, Calif. – Dec. 05, 2023 – Atmosic Technologies, an innovator of ultra-low-power wireless platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced that Atmosic’s groundbreaking ATM33 series of Bluetooth 5.3 SoCs was named the 2023 Elektra Awards winner in the “Internet-of-Things Product of the Year” category. The Elektra Awards program, which was held this year on Nov. 29 in London, recognizes the most innovative companies and talented individuals in the electronics industry. Atmosic’s ATM33 was selected for its impressive ultra-low power design that allows companies to develop more energy-efficient and sustainable connected devices.

“Today an increasing number of companies are making sustainability a priority in their business and their supply chains,” said Nick Dutton, Senior Director for Product Marketing at Atmosic. “Atmosic’s ATM33 is helping these companies take their environmental initiatives to the next level and reduce the amount of battery waste in the IoT. This helps to significantly cut down on the cost of IoT deployments, and there’s an added convenience factor with businesses and consumers not having to change batteries as often.”

Designed with the industry’s lowest power consumption and advanced energy harvesting technology, the ATM33 enables batteries to last the lifetime of a device; in some cases, the ATM33 allows devices to operate battery-free. Along with the sustainability benefits, eliminating the need for battery replacement makes it more feasible for enterprises and industrial environments to have large fleets of IoT devices. Additionally, consumers appreciate that their devices can last years without needing the batteries replaced.

Atmosic combines three innovative technologies to deliver extended battery life: the lowest power Bluetooth 5 SoC on the market, a nanowatt-wakeup receiver, and integrated energy harvesting capabilities. Atmosic’s wakeup receiver is designed to avoid any unnecessary on-time by allowing the primary radio and MCU to remain in a sleep state until a remote wake-up is issued. With the ATM33’s innovative energy harvesting technology, devices can capture, use, and store energy from RF, heat, light, and motion sources. The ATM33 integrates a highly sophisticated PMU, which is designed to handle SoC power management and energy harvesting holistically, while competitor solutions typically have independent PMUs that require multiple external components and create multiple energy conversions making them less efficient. The integrated design of the ATM33 brings developers a lower BOM cost and increased efficiency.

Atmosic’s portfolio of wireless SoCs offers a comprehensive SDK that significantly shortens the time it takes for customers to bring their products to market. This accelerated design cycle accelerates time-to-market for customers with experience in certain segments, while also reducing the learning curve for companies breaking into new markets.

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Atmosic™ Technologies is an innovative semiconductor company, designing ultra-low power wireless and energy harvesting solutions to dramatically reduce device dependency on batteries, aiming to deliver the longest battery life for connected devices. The company’s products enable the development of an IoT device ecosystem that gives designers and manufacturers the ability to dramatically lower costs and efforts associated with maintaining the growing IoT in the Personal, Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial, Enterprise, and Smart Cities segments. This allows Atmosic to reduce ecological impacts with its vision of dramatically reducing battery consumption in the IoT.

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