Atmosic’s Extremely Low-Power SoC Approved for Google Android TV Remote Controls

Atmosic enables Google TV partners to reduce the carbon footprint of their products to better align with Google’s sustainability targets


CAMPBELL, Calif. – June. 8th, 2023 Atmosic Technologies, an innovator in low-power and energy-harvesting wireless platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced its ATM Bluetooth system-on-chip (SoC) series was approved for inclusion in the Google Android Open Source Project (AOSP) as a reference design for voice remote controls (RCUs). Companies looking for more sustainable Android TV solutions can now leverage this ‘ready-to-deploy’ ATM-based reference design manufactured and distributed by Google TV remote partners.

Android TV remote control design based on Atmosic’s ATM Bluetooth SoC

Atmosic’s ATM Series provide remotes with substantially longer battery life and improved sustainability. With Atmosic’s groundbreaking Lowest Power Radio, the ATM2 can enable the batteries in G10 remotes to last three times longer. In addition to the power savings benefits, the ATM2 integrates Bluetooth hardware optimizations to ensure very low latency and provide a better user experience. For developers looking to add energy harvesting capabilities to G10 products, Atmosic offers ATM3 as a pin-compatible SoC with integrated energy harvesting support.

“Remote controls are one of the largest segments where we’re seeing a demand for sustainable solutions as consumers are growing concerned with the environmental impact of battery waste,” said David Su, CEO at Atmosic“As part of the Google ecosystem, we look forward to working with Android TV partners to significantly reduce battery waste and toxic leaching, in addition to reducing Scope 3 emissions.”


The Atmosic AOSP branch offers developers a complete reference design solution with complete development tools needed to quickly bring Android remote controls to market. This comprehensive package helps to simplify the design process for developers and reduce the time needed to optimize their specific solutions.

Google TV remote control reference designs are a part of the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP), which provides an open platform for companies to design innovative products that are compatible with the Android operating system. Available today, the Atmosic RCU design incorporates certified firmware developed in partnership with Google. Atmosic’s RCU design also supports features including voice recognition and Google Assistant so users can easily control their TVs and other smart home devices. Developers can customize the reference designs to offer differentiated features and target different market segments.

To access Atmosic’s open source repository at AOSP, please visit:

About Atmosic Technologies

Atmosic™ Technologies is an innovative fabless semiconductor company, designing ultra-low power wireless and energy harvesting solutions to dramatically reduce and disrupt device dependency on batteries, aiming to deliver forever battery life and the battery-free connected Internet of Things. The company’s products enable the IoT device ecosystem—designers and manufacturers, as well as end users and those responsible for deployments—to dramatically lower costs and efforts associated with maintaining the growing Internet of Things in Personal, Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial, Enterprise and Smart Cities segments. In addition to these tangible business advantages, Atmosic aims to reduce ecological impacts with its vision of dramatically reducing battery consumption in the Internet of Things.

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