With ATM33, connected devices can leverage Bluetooth AoA technology without the hassle and costs of battery replacement and maintenance.


NUREMBERG, Germany – March 14, 2023 – Today Atmosic Technologies, an innovator in energy harvesting wireless platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), and MicroZerr, a leader in IoT hardware and software, announced that MicroZerr will be integrating Atmosic’s ATM33 Bluetooth system-on-chip (SoC) into their Bluetooth Real-Time Location System (RTLS) products targeted at asset management applications. MicroZerr selected Atmosic’s ATM33 solutions for their industry-leading, extremely low power consumption, allowing tags to last for several years on a single small battery and supporting Bluetooth’s Angle of Arrival (AoA) technology. This collaboration builds on MicroZerr’s existing partnership with Atmosic which uses the ATM2 series for beacons and trackers in warehouses worldwide.

Asset tracking helps companies to better manage their inventory and supply chains providing a better experience for employees and customers. Atmosic’s SoCs enable companies to roll out these asset-tracking capabilities without the costs and maintenance time typically associated with changing batteries in large fleets of tags. Furthermore, Atmosic’s solutions help reduce the impact on the environment by cutting down on the number of batteries that will inevitably end up in landfills.

“Atmosic’s unparalleled power savings technologies are making it easy for companies to take advantage of the latest asset tracking technologies such as AoA in a cost-efficient and eco-friendly fashion,” said David Su, CEO at Atmosic. “Working with an experienced partner like Microzerr helps streamline the design process and accelerate time to market.” 

The ATM33 series is the newest addition to Atmosic’s family of extremely low-power Bluetooth SoC solutions, which includes the ATM2 already used in Microzerr’s beacons and trackers. With best-in-class power consumption, the ATM33 provides 3-to-5x longer battery life compared to competitors’ solutions. Along with support for AoA technology as part of the Bluetooth 5.1 specification, the ATM33 also integrates Atmosic’s managed energy harvesting technology directly enabling connected devices to harvest energy from photovoltaic (PV), mechanical, radio frequency (RF), and thermal sources. With Atmosic’s extremely low power consumption and efficient energy harvesting, connected devices can harvest enough energy to last for years without battery replacement, and in some cases, devices can operate without any batteries at all.

Microzerr’s Portfolio of Beacon Products

“Atmosic’s reference designs come with a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) that reduces the complexity of embedded design with ready-to-use examples showcasing how to optimize the performance of hardware solutions,” said Mustafa KUTAR, CEO of Microzerr. “Atmosic IC has the lowest power consumption and adds additional extraordinary features. Through our partnership with Atmosic, we successfully deployed multiple challenging projects in medical facilities and warehouses for pallets monitoring systems. With the extended battery life, we also dramatically reduced the maintenance costs for our end customers.”

Microzerr product groups currently consist of:

    • Inventory Beacons
    • Pallet Beacons
    • Wearable Patient Beacons

Microzerr will use the Atmosic ATM33 on their Infant Security Beacon, RTLS Beacon, and Gateway. The new AoA solution will be used in hospitals for their RTLS systems, inventory monitoring, and patient monitoring. Infant safety will also be ensured with high levels of security. Adding to Microzerr’s industry-leading design abilities and ergonomic industrial production capabilities, the Atmosic partnership has made it possible to offer more incredible innovation and bring more cost-effective solutions to their clients.

Atmosic will be exhibiting at embedded world 2023, taking place March 14-16, 2023. To see demos of Atmosic-Microzerr ATM33 solutions, please visit Hall 4, Booth 4A-639.

The ATM33 series is now generally available. To learn more, please visit https://atmosic.com/products_atm33/.


About Atmosic Technologies

Atmosic™ Technologies is an innovative fabless semiconductor company, designing ultra-low power wireless and energy harvesting solutions to dramatically reduce and disrupt device dependency on batteries, aiming to deliver forever battery life and the battery-free connected Internet of Things. The company’s products enable the IoT device ecosystem—designers and manufacturers, as well as end users and those responsible for deployments—to dramatically lower costs and efforts associated with maintaining the growing Internet of Things in Personal, Home, Auto, Healthcare, Industrial, Enterprise and Smart Cities segments. In addition to these tangible business advantages, Atmosic aims to reduce ecological impacts with its vision of dramatically reducing battery consumption in the Internet of Things.

For more information visit www.atmosic.com.

About MicroZerr

MicroZerr is a leading technology company founded in 2017. It serves clients to bring End-to-End IoT Projects to reality. With a professional approach, it has adopted the principle of bringing innovation to the IoT market and making a difference by offering the most appropriate solutions at their Ankara Technopolis technology development facility. Additionally, its customer-focused approach continues to provide quality information services by leveraging trusted experience in business. Technologies include: RTSL – Real Time Location Services— Asset Management Systems — Inventory Management Systems — Warehouse Management Systems — Custom IoT Solutions — Telemetry Management Systems — End-to-End IoT Customer Solutions.

For more information visit www.microzerr.com


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