Production Tools: ATMAPT-Mx2xx

The Atmosic Production Tool (APT) is a hardware and software package designed to assist customers with production test and programming for ATM2 and ATM3 series SoC's.

This product is not required for evaluation or development with Atmosic products.

The APT provides the following functionality:

  • RF Transmitter Test
  • RF Receiver Test
  • RF Frequency Test
  • Crystal Trim
  • Firmware and NVDS Programming
  • OTP Configuration

The kit is designed to be used with a customer's production test jig and includes the Production Test hardware, software, and cables. The Atmosic Production Tool software is runs on a standard Windows PC and is connected to the test hardware via USB.

The Production Test hardware offers developers several interfaces to the production test jig through a standard 20-pin connection. The supported interfaces include serial wire debug (SWD), 4-wire HCI UART for RF test control, status control signals, debug UART along with power and ground connections.


Included in the kit:

  • Atmosic Production Tool Software (Windows PC only)
  • 1x Atmosic Production Tester (APT)
  • 1x Dipole antenna (SMA)
  • 1x USB cable (Type-A to Type-B)
  • 1x Test interface cable

Part Number: ATMAPT-M22xx

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