Production Tools: ATMFDL-Mx2xx

The Firmware Download Board (FDL) is part of a hardware and software package designed to assist customers programming ATM2 and ATM3 series SoC's in production.

The FDL provides the following functionality:

  • Firmware and NVDS Programming
  • Control of Device Under Test (DUT) via HCI Interface

The kit is designed to be used with a customer's production test jig and includes the FDL hardware, software, and cables. The Atmosic Production Tool software is runs on a standard Windows PC and is connected to the test hardware via USB.

The FDL hardware offers developers several interfaces to the production test jig through a standard 20-pin connection. The supported interfaces include serial wire debug (SWD), 4-wire HCI UART for RF test control, status control signals, debug UART along with power and ground connections.

Included in the kit:

  • 1x Atmosic Firmware Download Board
  • 1x USB cable (Type-A to Type-B)

Part Number: ATMFDL-Mx2xx

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