Evaluation Kit: ATMRFS-M22xx (RF Source)

The RF Source Transmitter Board is both an evaluation and development tool for customers working with 900MHz RF energy harvesting applications.  It can be used with Atmosic ATM3 or ATM33 series SoCs.

This board is offered as a supplement to other evaluation boards from Atmosic.

The board has two radios, the first is a sub-GHz radio designed to operate as an RF transmitter capable of delivering up to +29dBm at 915MHz. The transmitter output can be configured to operate a lower output power levels and frequencies between 850MHz and 1050MHz. The second radio on the board is an Atmosic ATM2221, which both controls the sub-GHz radio and is a fully functional Bluetooth LE device available for customer development. The board design includes a 2.4GHz ceramic bandpass filter to block the sub-GHz energy transmission from the Bluetooth RF path, ensuring the exceptional Bluetooth performance is maintained during RF transmissions.

Included in the kit:

  • 1x Atmosic RF Source board
  • 1x Dipole antenna (SMA) - 2.4GHz
  • 1x Dipole antenna (SMA) - 915MHz
  • 1x AC Power Adapter

Part Number: ATMRFS-M22xx

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