Samsung Leverages Atmosic’s Ultra-low Power SoC for Eco-friendly Consumer Devices

Samsung recently unveiled the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2, which offers an easy way for consumers to keep track of their prized possessions. This tiny device integrates Atmosic’s ultra-low power ATM3325 Bluetooth 5.3 SoC to help significantly extend its battery life.

The ATM3325 reduces power consumption in the SmartTag2 by over 43% compared to Samsung’s previous generation SmartTag+ SoCs. Samsung has provided further differentiation by incorporating a power save mode, which can extend the battery life up to 700 days for the tag. This impressive battery life is a huge perk for users and one of the standout features of the accessory.

Atmosic’s SoC helps Samsung to offer an extended battery life in our latest SmartTag2,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings, Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics. “With Atmosic’s innovative technology, we can improve our environmental impact as well as our customer experience through extended battery life.”

Consumers can use Samsung’s SmartThings Find Service to easily find their tags and keep track of where their valuables are located. Plus, Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem is open to third-party devices as well. For any brands looking to design eco-friendly smart devices, Atmosic’s ATM33 series is a great option to help companies bring power-efficient products to market across different segments in the IoT.

Not only does Atmosic’s ATM33 series have the industry’s lowest power consumption and advanced energy harvesting technology, Atmosic also provides a comprehensive SDK that significantly shortens the time it takes for customers to bring their products to market.

Atmosic is truly driving forward a new era of sustainability in the IoT. As Atmosic’s CEO David Su explained, “Samsung’s use of Atmosic’s technology in the Galaxy SmartTag2 and the inclusion into Samsung’s SmartThings Find Service is a great example of how sustainable innovations can be extended to the masses.”


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