The Benefits of AirFuel RF

Icon_Benefit_Enables Battery-Free Devices_White

Enables Battery-Free Devices

Icon_Benefit_Power Multiple Devices at Once_White

Power Multiple Devices at Once

Icon_Benefit_Transfer Power at a Distance_White

Transfer Power at a Distance

Applications & Use Cases

Icon_Use-Case_Computer Peripherals_Blue

Computer Peripherals

Icon_Use-Case_Electronic Labels_Blue

Electronic Labels

Icon_Use-Case_Industrial Applications_Blue

Industrial Applications

Icon_Use-Case_IoT Devices _ Sensors_Blue

IoT Device Sensors

Icon_Use-Case_Logistics _ Asset Tracking_Blue

Asset Tracking

Icon_Use-Case_Retail Applications_Blue

Retail Applications

Icon_Use-Case_Smart Home Sensors_Blue

Smart Home Sensors



Learn about the Airfuel Alliance

AirFuel Alliance® enables companies to provide cutting edge wireless charging experiences for their customers through access to the world’s leading wireless charging standards, training and development tools.

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