Wondering how Atmosic stands out from the competition? Check out our new white paper that explores the differences between a traditional energy harvesting design and Atmosic’s innovative approach that combines an industry-leading ultra-low power wireless connectivity SoC with an enhanced power management unit capable of managing harvested energy.

The white paper highlights how Atmosic’s ultra-low power wireless solutions offer:

  • The lowest application power consumption
  • A more compact design for energy harvesting and storage
  • A lower bill of materials (BOM) for the end product
  • And many other benefits for IoT devices

    Atmosic Integrated Energy Harvesting Solution

To illustrate these benefits, we’ve included a real-world example of an energy-harvesting push-to-talk TV remote control. In this example, over a 24-hour period an Atmosic-based solution will have an additional 157 µWh of excess harvested energy in storage (after using the power it requires); in comparison, a competitor’s solution will have a deficit of 242 µWh. The competitor therefore will require additional energy to meet the daily usage under the exact same lighting conditions and usage of the remote.

Thanks to Atmosic’s impressive power savings, our technology can significantly extend the life of a standard battery and, in some cases, eliminate the need for a battery altogether.

Check out the white paper to find out more: https://atmosic.com/whitepaper-download/

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