Atmosic is the leading low-power solution for Bluetooth LE applications like beacons.  With a power consumption that is 3 to 5 times lower than the competition, it is a clear winner for designers looking to maximize beacon battery life.

When energy harvesting, and intelligent power management capabilities of the Atmosic devices are also incorporated it becomes possible to utilize energy from sources such as photovoltaic cells to eliminate battery replacement during a device’s lifecycle or potentially eliminate batteries entirely from a product.

The reduction or elimination of battery replacement provides for significant environmental and operational benefits.  Often the cost of simply replacing a battery or an entire beacon itself is larger than the purchase price of the original beacon itself.



The beacon application is one of the many examples provided in the Atmosic software development kit (SDK), with options to support standard battery or energy harvesting operation. 

The SDK enables customers to develop and customize their products across the different Atmosic SoC platforms. 

Contact Atmosic for access to our SDK.


Please visit the ATM product pages to learn more about the SoC and evaluation kits that are available to start developing today.

In addition, complete reference design packages for battery-operated and energy harvesting beacons are available through our customer portal.

Contact Atmosic for more information about accessing our reference designs and documentation.

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