Every year at the embedded world conference, the embedded award program is hosted to celebrate outstanding innovations in multiple categories across embedded systems technologies. This year, Atmosic was selected as finalist in the SoC / IP / IC Design category for our ATM series of energy harvesting SoCs. This recognition underscores how our energy harvesting technology is driving forward a new era of sustainable innovation in the IoT.

Our energy harvesting portfolio is comprised of the ATM3 Series and the newest addition, the ATM33 series. These ultra-low power SoCs allow brands to create innovative connected products with batteries that last the lifetime of the device or are battery-free. As a company, we’re proud to help reduce the amount of battery waste that is rapidly growing as the IoT expands. With our technology, brands can design sustainable connected devices including wearables, remote controls, beacons, asset trackers, and devices for other smart home, enterprise, and industrial applications.

What makes Atmosic’s SoCs stand out is their unparalleled power efficiency built upon the Bluetooth standard. Additionally, our groundbreaking approach to energy harvesting further reduces power consumption and allows devices to operate on harvested energy from RF sources in the environment in addition to photovoltaic (PV), thermal, or mechanical/kinetic sources. And we not only offer best-in-class hardware solutions, our comprehensive software development kit (SDK) helps to accelerate the design process for brands so they can get products to market faster.

As the IoT market continues to explode – it’s expected to reach $484 billion in 2027 according to IoT Analytics – it is crucial that we protect the environment and mitigate any further damage from battery waste. We thank embedded world for recognizing our contributions to sustainability and our technical achievements in delivering ultra-low power wireless solutions for the next generation of IoT devices.

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