At Atmosic our mission is clear. We’re transforming the Internet of Things (IoT) with extremely low-power solutions that reduce battery waste and enable a more sustainable future. We’re proud of the unique technology we created and patented, and we’re proud to be working with companies around the world to bring innovative and environmentally friendly IoT solutions to market.

We are getting noticed – in only the last two months a number of awards came about that recognize how sustainability is becoming a feature requirement by developers and consumers alike.

Innovators in Electronic Design – Trailblazer: David Su

Atmosic’s co-founder and CEO David Su was recognized as a Trailblazer for his work with Atmosic to drive the battery-free IoT movement. Under his leadership, Atmosic created its Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Wake-Up technologies, along with the company’s managed energy harvesting technology. With Atmosic’s solutions, connected devices can harness energy from thermal or kinetic energy, RF power or light. This allows batteries to last a lifetime of a connected device, or for the connected device to run without any batteries at all.


2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards

We were recognized as a 2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards honoree as the Emerging Company of the Year for the Consumer Market. Our energy harvesting solutions are in a plethora of different devices and industries including smart home, healthcare, and wearables. Our solutions are being adopted in so many different applications since they not only reduce battery waste but also cut down on maintenance time and costs so companies can cost-efficiently deploy fleets of IoT devices.



CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree (Customer win, Targus)

Our customer Targus was an honoree in CES’ Computer Peripherals & Accessories category for the company’s Energy Harvesting EcoSmart Keyboard, which has an Atmosic ATM3 series Bluetooth SoC. The keyboard utilizes Atmosic’s energy-harvesting solar technology and ultra-low-power Bluetooth technology, which make the keyboard three to four times more power-efficient than other Bluetooth keyboards. In addition to the keyboard’s impressive power efficiency, the design is also made up of 70 percent post-consumer recycled materials. This keyboard truly embodies the principles of sustainability.

CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree (Partnership win, Energous)

Another one of our partners, Energous, was named an Honoree for CES’ Embedded Technology category. The WattUp PowerBridge uses Atmosic’s ATM3 to harvest RF power. The technology allows the WattUp PowerBridge to simultaneously charge many devices at-a-distance using RF-based wireless power. Additionally, Energous’ solution can act as a data link to share information between IoT devices like Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) and asset trackers. The WattUp PowerBridge, with Atmosic’s technology, makes it easy for retail stores, warehouses, and other locations with large deployments to enjoy the benefits of the IoT in a maintenance-free way.

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