Retail & Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Retail & Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Retail stores worldwide are strong adopters of IoT technology with consumers witnessing the incorporation of loyalty schemes and change from paper-based shelf labels to remotely controlled Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL).

Electronic Shelf Labels bring massive benefits to retail establishments by enabling greater efficiency and accuracy in the deployment of price and product changes. ESLs also allow retail establishments to offer promotions on individual products while back-end systems monitor their effectiveness.

ESL technology can however create new problems if labels need frequent battery maintenance. Atmosic SoC's with their industry-leading low power consumption and integrated energy harvesting technology is an effective option to minimize battery consumption and maintenance costs.


The ESL application is one of the many examples provided in the Atmosic software development kit (SDK).  The SDK enables customers to develop and customize their product across the different Atmosic SoC platforms.

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Please visit the ATM product pages to learn more about the Atmosic SoCs and the ESL evaluation kit available to start developing today.

Contact Atmosic for more information about accessing our reference designs and documentation.

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